The New Daikin ‘Radiant’ front panel air to air heat pump

Utilising state of the art heat pump technology, this latest unit from Daikin features a unique radiant front panel. Providing a feeling of warmth like the traditional radiator activated at a push of a button.

The Nexura ideal for small commercial offices and residential premises as this new unit will be called includes a titanium apatite photocatalytic filter that traps microscopic dust particles from the air, absorbs bacteria and viruses and breaks down odours.

When in heating the Nexura uses a renewable energy source: AIR. This makes it more energy efficient than conventional fossil fuel based heating.

It can be used as a single system or in multiple situations up to 9 individually controlled indoor units from 1 out door. The indoor can be recessed or surface mounted

Some of the many benefits of the Nexura:

  • Energy Rating A
  • Low Noise
  • Econo Mode
  • Night Set Mode


Air conditioning equipment will soon need to demonstrate seasonal efficiency on energy labels meeting new standards according to draft EU regulation.

The new regulation (20/20/20 policy) will set standards for energy performance for 20% less CO2, 20% renewable energy and a 20% reduction in primary energy use by 2020.