There have been two legionella out breaks in as many months the latest being Stoke on Trent.

I have contacted the various manufacturers and suppliers for information regarding this terrible virus and consensus of opinion is there is a very low risk of Legionella in standard split system style air conditioning; this is mainly an issue with large industrial systems that use Cooling Towers.

Each system should however be regally maintained and the drain-trays should be kept clear and clean to prevent any bacteria build-up, The condensation from cooling is removed from the system during operation under normal circumstances so there is no stagnant water which is where legionaella is usually an issue.

As a precaution during maintenance visit tablets can be dropped in to the drain tray to help prevent bacteria growth or odours.

PRA now use these tablets as a matter of routine during maintenance visits.


PRA are investigating an apartment building in Enfield after a compressor failure.

We have quoted a Walsall LLP company for replacement air conditioning systems in their offices.

Paul is attending a Birmingham medical centre in need of advice for temperature control in a rented building, sounds a difficult one as they can’t have standard fixed air conditioning.

PRA Air Conditioning makes sweet music with the City of Birmingham Symphany Orchestra we have attended the CBSO building to make sure their air conditioning system is as it should be.

Refrigeration installation of condensing units in Birmingham, proved a difficult one as we were called in to put right on arrival the condensers had been put up back to front.

Installation of R22 system in Haulage Company Birmingham.

Repair of refrigerant leak at Animal Hospital Treatment Room.

Kidderminster Garage refit meant moving an indoor unit 3ft to the left of its original installed position I do not know how we managed it.

Installation of air conditioning and duct work at new Waterstones Store in Norwich.

Office relocation Paul has visited Birmingham company to assist them in their desire to move existing air conditioning systems and re-install them in new office location.