Project Description

Client: Mr A Dhillon, HD Eyes Opticians, Telford, Shropshire

Project: Complete fit-out of opticians retail, test rooms and lab space from building shell

What did the project involve?

We wanted a complete fit out on a new opticians’ from the shell. This involved the initial design work right through to the final fit-out.

Before Tony began to work on the project we had just a shell with water, walls and basic electricity connection.

CJS (NW) put in all the utilities, partitioned all rooms, ceilings and took it right through the first and second fix. This included all soft furnishings as well, carpeting rooms, vinyl flooring etc.

Did you have any requirements or instructions which were specific to your project, retail space or customer needs?

The unit is quite small (approximately 6.5 x 10 metres) and there was a lot we wanted to get in there. We required a laboratory, 2 testing rooms, a toilet and of course retail space.

We had a number of retail design companies in and found Alex, who works with CJS (NW), to be fantastic. Despite the limitations in area, there was a requirement for a toilet which had to be a certain size and so was always going to eat into the space available. We also needed two test rooms which had to differ in size.

Commercially Viable & Practical Solutions

Energy consumption and appropriate lighting was also needed. We had to have four different pre-sets on lighting to make eye examinations effective. As lighting is on throughout a large amount of the day in busy examination rooms we wanted something which would be energy efficient with low power consumption.

Tony at CJS (NW) sourced specific LED lighting which met all these requirements and we found his knowledge of what was available and innovative to be second to none.

It is clear that CJS (NW) understand the need for long-term commercially and environmentally viable solutions rather than simply being able to make retail space look good.

Additional requirements on this project included a lab space with a one-way window at the side so customers could see our working practices.

Aesthetics and making the most of the space

As room was limited the design and layout made use of mirrors and windows to emphasise a sense of space and we have been delighted with the results of this.

To keep an industrial theme instead of using false ceilings, exposed RSJ’s and artificial exposed brickwork were used to great effect. It means the retail area does not have a feeling of being enclosed, with a ceiling space twice the height it would have otherwise have been “ creating a gallery feel. Taller than standard doors were used to accentuate the effect “ giving the place has been given a sense of height and space. This is often remarked on by our patients.

Quality of equipment and installation

All units are of the same consistent high quality “ they look great and I can expect them to last well. The vinyl flooring in the retail space is durable and we have found it does not scratch. We decided on softer furnishings and carpet in the test rooms and the transition between the hard flooring and carpet is very well crafted “ you don’t notice the difference.

What would your feedback be to a friend or contact when they require design or shop-fitting services?

The biggest problem with projects like this is often timescales. Tony sticks to the plan, and if any unexpected obstacles do arise, he along with his team, work flexible hours to make sure the project is not impacted on.

CJS (NW) have been a real asset and I would definitely recommend them to you. I really couldn’t fault their service, they go beyond the required service levels and they really have considered our needs as a business.