Its official PRA have joined the 21st century we now have Facebook and Twitter accounts. I understand that Twitter keeps you in touch with clients and you get an insight into how we really work here at PRA.

Be patient with me technology is a wonderful and strange thing to us country folk with 2Mbps broadband.

My First Twitter Blog

We would like to thank Sunshine Radio for their off the cuff plugs as we were installing new air conditioning in their studios. Sunshine can be heard across Worcestershire and Herefordshire and on Capital One Birmingham.

Paul had a bit of a head scratcher when designing an installation for a conservatory Sir was very keen Madam wasn’t. The look of the air conditioning was very important as was the size as it was a relatively small conservatory 8 x 10 but thanks to the Daikin Nexura it was a perfect match and all is now bliss in that particular household.

Pauls off to the ˜smoke’ tomorrow he will be good and early to beat the traffic and out early to beat it on the way home. A couple of air conditioning quotes to be done, a maintenance to be carried out for one of our clients and a service call to the gym, can’t see him working out anything except the price.