The long awaited Government announcement on RHI released by Department of Energy and Climate Change in March.

Phase 1 “ Providing long term tariff support for renewable heat technologies in the non-domestic sector and not as expected for the domestic sector.

Phase 2 commencing from October 2012. Air Source have not been included as the DECC claim more cost/benefit analysis is required.

The government is introducing Renewable Heat Premium Payments for the domestic sector.

A fund of approximately £15m has been allocated to enable payments to be made to households that install renewable heating systems. These payments will include air source heat pumps, the proposed premium for these is £850.00.

Objectives of the scheme

1) start July 2011
2) Support up to 25,000 Renewable heat installations in the domestic sector.
3) to provide a fair spread of technologies across all regions of GB
4) develop a monitoring process to allow stakeholders to understand and get the most of renewable energies.
5) key focus on-off grid properties
6) provide clear eligibility criteria including well insulated homes ased on Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)