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Is Your Home Or Office Hot And Humid?

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Perhaps It Feels More Like A Desert?

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Are You Or Your Staff too hot to work effectively?

With one heatwave in progress at time of writing (June 2014), and more heatwaves likely as the peak of the summer approaches, you might be asking yourself: “Are my staff too hot to work effectively?”

You may be asking the question because you are not comfortable yourself. If you aren’t, then your staff and visiting clients probably aren’t either.

The perception of heat and comfortable temperatures is a personal thing.  Not everyone is comfortable at 20-21°C, though that is considered to be normal room temperature.  Most people though, find it harder to concentrate as temperatures climb higher towards the mid 20s and beyond.

Main Factors Which Affect Temperatures Experienced:

  • External environmental temperatures
  • Ventilation in buildings
  • The physicality of  the activity undertaken
  • Clothing worn

Good Working Temperatures

Recommendations made by The Chartered Institute of Building Services, were that the following ideal temperatures be used as a guide:

  • Heavy factory work: 13°C
  • Light factory work: 16°C
  • Retail areas & Hospital wards: 18°C
  • Offices & Eating Areas: 20°C

What Can Be Done To Keep Temperatures Stable?

  • Insulate hot equipment & pipes
  • Shade windows
  • Keep workers away from hot equipment & exposed windows
  • Provide air conditioning equipment to maintain comfortable conditions

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