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PRA Air Conditioning are a family run business with over 25 years’ worth of experience within the industry, we work right across England and Wales, designing and installing air conditioning units in every type of location, but most of our services are required by companies based in large towns and cities. This includes the wonderful city of Birmingham, where we have a number of installation and maintenance contracts already.

Like much of the UK, Birmingham itself has a temperate maritime climate, but it also has quite a considerable urban island effect. This means that the city’s temperatures are warmer than surrounding areas, due to the number of people living and working there. This can become especially noticeable in the hot, summer months, when an area can even remain warmer than usual at night.

If you are in Birmingham or nearby and you need a company with an expert team of engineers to either maintain or supply and install air conditioning units, then we are the company for you. We have the knowledge and the equipment to make it happen, as well as the enthusiasm to love what we’re doing as we do it!

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Commercial Air Conditioning Services

What We Can Do For Your Business

We also cover all kinds of commercial settings, from shops, restaurants and offices right up to industrial premises such as factories. Depending on the kind of business you own, the type of air conditioning unit that will be most suitable will change, but PRA can lend a hand when helping you choose which works best.

We provide a range of air conditioning units, and the main types we can install in your business are detailed on our commercial page.

If you’re in the market for a new, commercial-suited air conditioning unit, get in contact with us today. We’ll do our best to help you find the system that makes you happy and keeps your workers, equipment, and customers cool.

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Residential Air Conditioning Services

Our services range from installations to regular maintenance in domestic settings all across Birmingham. We know that, without the proper air con, many summer nights can become sleepless. Bedrooms, especially those in loft conversions, often trap high levels of heat and this can lead to a room quickly becoming too hot for proper rest. PRA can help you here, by installing one of our air conditioning units to make sure you remain comfortable even through the most humid nights in the middle of July and August.

These systems can be arranged by our team to cover one room, or throughout your property if you prefer. Thanks to the latest technology, having your very own air conditioning unit has never been more efficient, affordable or quiet, either. With our installation service on hand, your air con unit will be discreetly placed in your home, ensuring that it blends into the background and doesn’t make unnecessary noise, all at a reasonable price!

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So, why not call us and get an estimate for an air conditioning unit today? We have 25 years’ worth of experience in the industry behind us, our workmen will always leave your home clean, tidy and safe at the end of a job, and you will soon be back to getting the relief you deserve from the summer heat. Go to our home air conditioning page for more information or just get in touch ‒ we do all we can to keep all our customers relaxed and their homes comfortably cool, whatever the weather.

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If you’re in Birmingham and looking for an air conditioning unit, whether that’s for your home, office, or factory, then PRA Air Conditioning has something for you. Our staff will be delighted to see you get the product you want, at an affordable price.

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