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With our company working right across England and Wales, it would be remiss of us not to include the county of Shropshire and all the businesses and homes we can help in the county. We have already installed many air conditioning units here and will be delighted to help any Shropshire client who comes to us looking for a high quality, professional service.

With a moderate climate, those living and working in Shropshire can expect warm summers that often come with a lot of humidity. This can lead to a lot of discomfort if the heat is trapped inside offices or places of residence, leading to interrupted work and an inability to relax in your own home. However, this can easily be avoided by installing an air conditioning system.

If you own a business or your own home and you are looking for air conditioning in Shropshire, then get in touch with PRA Air conditioning today. We have years of experience and we can help you make the right decision for all your air conditioning needs.

Industrial Air Conditioning Installations in Shropshire

If you own a business in Shropshire, we will be more than happy to provide unit installations, servicing and maintenance for your shop, office or factory. Whenever you need us to provide assistance, one of our air conditioning engineers will be on hand, no matter what has to be done.

Commercial and industrial air con units will differ from the systems we install in houses, as business sizes and types come in a greater range. This usually means that the unit you need will vary, depending on the product or service your business offers. But there is no need to struggle over deciding which air conditioning system will work best for you; all of our members of staff are qualified and can discuss your requirements, helping you to pick the perfect system for what you have.

If your Shropshire firm is looking for the professional installation and maintenance of air con units, get in touch with us today. Our commercial air conditioning page can also provide some more information on the range of units we offer.

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Domestic Air Conditioning Installations in Shropshire

We offer a wide range of services to homeowners who are trying to fight the rising temperatures in their homes during the summer, when they feel the heat is becoming too much. We can install air conditioning units wherever they are needed, in any home, and will be happy to provide maintenance services.

If you would like your whole house to feel the benefits or if you only need one room cooled, we will be able to make that happen as well. You have complete control of your unit, and our engineers will do everything they can to leave your property as clean and tidy as they originally found it once installation is complete. This helps us to be as discreet as possible, as does the fact that all our units have been designed to be as quiet as they can be, blending into the background of your home, rather than standing out.

Our aim is to always keep our services, from installations to maintenance, at an affordable price. If you would like a quote from us to see how our units can be beneficial to your budget, call us today. For more information on home air conditioning units, please take a look at our page.

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For a reliable, discreet and professional air conditioning service, contact PRA Air Conditioning. We can offer anything you need, from domestic installations to maintenance and repair for commercial units.

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We do everything we can to keep your family, workers and customers cool when the weather gets warmer, with as little interference in your daily lives as possible. So, if you need a new AC unit to prepare for the hot weather, get in touch with us today.

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