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We work to provide air conditioning installations, designs and repairs in many different types of location across England and Wales, but most of our contracts are based in either cities or large towns. Wolverhampton is no exception to this, and we have a number of happy customers already based in this industrial city.

Having an oceanic climate makes Wolverhampton quite temperate, but it can still get quite warm in the summer. Adding in the fact that heat can be trapped inside buildings such as houses and factories, this can lead to the warm weather becoming more noticeable, and even uncomfortable if it builds up too much.

If you live or work in Wolverhampton and you’re looking for an air conditioning system, then look no further than PRA Air Conditioning. Our dedicated staff and team of expert engineers can help to maintain, supply and install a unit for you today! We have the knowledge, equipment and the enthusiasm to make it happen for you, for needs both commercial and domestic, so give us a call today.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Services for Wolverhampton

What We Can Do For Your Business

As Wolverhampton is a thriving industrial zone, we understand that there will be many offices, commercial properties and factories looking for the most suitable air conditioning units to install. Because property sizes and types vary, the system that these properties will need is also likely to vary, and our company understands this very well.

This is why we have made sure to offer a range of different air conditioning units that are suitable for businesses. The main types we offer can be found listed with some details on our commercial page.

If your company is looking for a new air conditioning unit, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you find one that suits your purpose, and keeps your workers, equipment, and your customers comfortable.

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Residential Air Conditioning Services in Wolverhampton

PRA are thrilled to be able to offer fantastic installation and regular maintenance services for homes in Wolverhampton. Houses can trap large amounts of heat, especially during the hotter months of the year, and this can lead to warm nights being disturbed when people are not able to sleep because of it.

This is where we can help, by installing one of our domestic air conditioning units! Our systems can be installed to cover one room, or your entire property if you prefer, and using the latest technology means that the units are quieter than ever before. Customers’ homes are in safe hands with our engineers, because we aim to fit all our domestic systems discreetly so that they don’t make any unwarranted noise and so they blend in with the background of your home. You won’t even realise your unit is there until you need to use it!

Give us a call and get an estimate on an air conditioning unit today. All of our systems are reasonably priced, installed by courteous professionals who will leave your home safe and tidy after the job is complete, and you will get the clean, cool air that will keep you relaxed throughout the summer. Take a look at our home air conditioning page for more information, or get in touch and see what PRA can do for you.

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If you’re in Wolverhampton and looking for air conditioning installation, service and maintenance, then PRA Air Conditioning is the company for you.

From our repair services and safe installation, to our wide range that covers domestic settings, commercial properties, industrial buildings and more, we provide something to suit all of our customers. Get in touch, and get an estimate for one of our units today. We want to see you get the air con unit you need, at a price you can afford, and that you will be able to rely on for years to come.

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